[REVIEW] Make controller instantiation customizable

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at bestsolution.at
Thu Dec 15 02:30:42 PST 2011

Am 14.12.11 17:58, schrieb Greg Brown:
>> Let's see if I understand the current logic how the include look up is
>> done with a source like "/my/package/test/HeaderView.fxml".
>> My current assumption is that you are consulting the current Classloader
>> to locate the file, correct?
> Yes.
>> The FXMLLoader is running in the JVM of the Tooling (in my case Eclipse
>> but I guess it is the same for Netbeans) to e.g. place the preview next
>> to your editor which naturally has no idea about the classpath found in
>> your project.
> ...
>> To make FXMLLoader happy I now need to construct an URLClassLoader by
>> inspecting the projects classpath and redefine the
>> Thread-Context-Classloader which has the draw backs outlined in my other
> Shouldn't the IDE be creating a new class loader to load the preview anyways? It shouldn't be sharing the classloader that was used to load the IDE itself, since that would be a potential security hole (not to mention confusing, since the IDE code shouldn't be visible to the app code).

Yes, I do but i would not need to create a classloader (and in fact I do
it already) add the library.jar to the URLClassloader which as outlined
in my other post has the drawback on Windows that the jar gets locked
until an undefined point in time (at least on Java6).

If you'd allow me to intercept the include look up (my guess is all you
extract is an URL to proceed) I would not need to add the jar to the
URLClassLoader but provide you the URL for loading through other an IDE
look up (=no jar locking).

You could now naturally argue that I'll have to add the library.jar
anyways because there one could e.g. use a custom Control in the JavaFX
file but that's another story.

Anyways I can work with what is already and there and with the addition
of setClassloader() at least the dirty context classloader setting is gone.

I'll wait until the FXMLLoader code is published to take a deeper look
in it once more.


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