spinner component

Tom Eugelink tbee at tbee.org
Sun Dec 18 22:47:21 PST 2011

> From my personal impression, the more common form of Spinner is the editable kind, so I would certainly consider this to be part of the spec for a JavaFX Spinner control, and one that would need to be supported in a first release.

If editable means "select by typing" I can see how that would work.

>  * Ability to easily specify the 'step' - e.g. should the IntegerSpinner increment/decrement by 1, 10, 100 or 42?

Since the data is provided by the data provider, all these things should go there. The spinner just asks the DP for the next index, if that is +1 or +16,327,587.24 is up to the DP.

>  * Ability to easily specify the min/max values for a spinner.

Already set up, part of the data provider (there currently is an abstract integer DP, and a list DP which uses that again with 0 and list size as the bounds).

>  * Ability to configure where the spinner buttons appear (both on right, both on left, one on either side horizontally, one on either size vertically).


>  * Ability to easily specify a 'unit' - e.g. Showing "%" after a number that spins between 0 and 100 to represent percentages.

Ok, needs to be added.

>  * Ability to step portions of the value (e.g. the usual time / date spinner where the stepper increments/decrements the minutes value, because that is selected).

Hm. Naturally there is a difference between a spinner and a timepicker. A spinner has one set of arrows, time or date selecting often has one above and below every digit. IMHO this is very specific for a timepicker.

Naturally it is quite possible to do this, after all clicking on the minutes+ arrow, only means setting the step size to 60 (if we're showing seconds) and doing a "next". But I feel a time/date picker is such a specialized case, I would not force those requirements onto a regular spinner.


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