Do Transitions really need to be final?

Dr. Michael Paus mp at
Mon Dec 19 05:31:14 PST 2011

Am 19.12.2011 13:22, schrieb Michael Heinrichs:
> Hi Dan,
> the Transition classes are final, because they were not designed to be extended.
> There is a request in JIRA to add more events to Animation, which would introduce them also in all Transition classes. Can you please take a look and comment on which events you are missing.
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> The suggested way to add custom transitions is to extend the Transition class (there is an example in the JavaDocs). I have to admit though, that this story is not finished yet, because of the missing events. Hopefully I will be allowed to add them in the 2.1 release.
> Thanks,
> Michael
> On 17.12.2011, at 08:25, Daniel Zwolenski wrote:
>> Hey Guys,
>> Just wondering if there is a reason for the various transition classes
>> (FadeTransition, PathTransition, etc) being final? I'm guessing it's some
>> sort of performance thing but I can't really see it.
>> The reason I ask is because I just went to create a FadeTransition that
>> also implemented a custom interface (in my case EntryTranstion, which has a
>> setupBeforeAnimation method on it, and a few other things) and discovered I
>> couldn't.
>> I could also see it being useful to be able to extend transitions to form a
>> library of transition classes. I could use a factory, but it would seem
>> more inline with what's there if I could create a CircularPathTransition
>> that extended PathTransition, etc.
>> Cheers,
>> Dan

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