[REVIEW] Support leading backslash as escape character in FXML

Fri Dec 23 12:28:29 PST 2011

When do you think would be a good idea to add the warning? This change could easily go out with 2.1 - should we add the warning now?

On Dec 23, 2011, at 11:58 AM, Richard Bair wrote:

>>>> This change would add support for a leading backslash as an escape character in FXML:
>>>> http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-18680
>> ...
>>> I would vote to only support the new version and documenting in a
>>> migration guide that $$ is not supported any more but that's just me.
>> I think we'll want to maintain the existing syntax, at least initially, so apps don't suddenly stop working. However, I can certainly see an argument for deprecating the old syntax. Maybe we could display a warning in the console advising the developer to use the new syntax.
> I think that is a good idea. The plan of record is to maintain compatibility as much as possible between now and the eventual JSR for including JavaFX into the JRE (assuming the JCP votes it in and all that good stuff). At that point we'd have a break, though we'd attempt to minimize it as much as possible and we'd only remove those things that had been deprecated, so that developers know what is coming.
> Richard

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