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Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at oracle.com
Mon Dec 26 13:51:52 PST 2011


This was discussed earlier in the thread. If you joined the mailing 
list only recently you may have missed this discussion. Essentially, 
the thinking is that there is a form of 'data provider' that 
encapsulates the functionality to step between values, and that can 
also convert String input into an Object that can be understood and 
subsequently stepped from.

So yes, there is likely to be a form of wrapping. Whether this is done 
by the developer explicitly setting an '(Enumeration | List | Integer | 
Float | Boolean | etc)DataProvider' into a Spinner.setDataProvider(..) 
method, or whether we have EnumerationSpinner, etc, hasn't been 
discussed. I'd lean towards the former however, but I'm only saying 
that as it is the way we tend to provide similar functionality (e.g. 
pre-built cell factories, pre-build string converters, etc).

 From an automated test point of view, you can initialise the spinner 
with a value, say "February" by calling spinner.setValue("February") 
(or by having the string 'typed' in), then either call 
spinner.increment() or click on the 'increment' button, and assert that 
the value returned by spinner.getValue() is "March".

At least, this is my thinking on general API. Tom is the current owner 
of it and I have not yet taken a look deeply at it. I hope to do that 

-- Jonathan

On Monday, 26 December 2011 9:54:58 p.m., Alexandre (Shura) Iline wrote:
> Hi.
> What I am missing from the spec is how "other values, such as text or 
> images" are iterated through.
> Will there be a comparator interface of some sort or will the data 
> need to be wrapped into some kind of container or what?
> This is where the question is coming from:
> If an automated test needs to scroll ("spin" ?) to a particular value, 
> how does it figure out which way to scroll and what value to expect 
> next after scrolling one time?
> Shura.

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