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Thu Apr 19 02:26:21 PDT 2012


I full-heartedly agree with your concerns. The lack of a vision for a 
modern deployment
architecture and the technical problems of the existing ones combined 
with the ignorance
of many developers will most certainly make this issue a further coffin 
nail of Java on
the desktop (and smart devices) in general and JavaFX in particular. 
This is really a sad
and frustrating issue.

With respect to the below mentioned example I am wondering
1. why someone signs such an example with a certificate which has 
already expired over a year ago
2.  why someone signs such an example at all and thus forcing everybody 
to run this example
with all privileges. If this was technically necessary (and the use of 
JNLP-services was no option)
then this is just one more indication of the insufficiency of the 
current deployment architecture.

It is simply a no-go if you force people to run something from the open 
Internet outside of a
well controlled sandbox.

LG, Michael

Am 18.04.2012 22:42, schrieb Pedro Duque Vieira:
> Hi,
> I'm very concerned about the state of deployment in JavaFX. Just yesterday
> I tried the new example by Jim Weaver in
> It doesn't work correctly in firefox nor chrome, only managed to make it
> work on IE 9 64bit. And it appears I'm not the only one.
> Also the state of application installers for Java doesn't seem that good
> either (I think).
> I think this is very critical, if the technology can't get to the users in
> a transparent, simple, reliable way than you'll almost certainly won't get
> it adopted.
> Thanks, best regards

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