Carl Antaki carlantaki at
Mon Apr 23 19:09:32 PDT 2012


+1 for native deployment. I've developed Bloom, Facebook most used uploader/viewer in Swing and I used native installers for Windows (MSI), Mac (DMG) and Webstart for Linux.
It would be nice to have an installer that checks for the presence of a JRE and if it doesn't find one it will download it and install it.
I found Java Web Start to be a good technology but the certificates scare users. Also the JNLP classloaders consume more memory.
It would be nice to have a Java Store. Too bad the store was cancelled. There is no straightforward way to sell a Java app and that is a disadvantage for Java.
Unfortunately there aren't a lot of consumer Java apps. Most of them are targeted towards developers.


Carl Antaki

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