Image class and paths relative to classpath

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Tue Apr 24 07:21:36 PDT 2012

Yea sorry, I meant "don't like" as in "can't support". 

I am still curious though. How do you load properties files, synch with the Controller class or include custom controls without classpath/sourcepath support? Or are these things not part of SceneBuilder's scope?

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> Hi Martin,
>> Hi Daniel,
>> how is "@" notation different? As was already mentioned in the thread,
>> "@/" searches through the classpath, so in FXML, there's already support
>> for classpath search.
> Right - I didn't think of that - I was speaking of relative paths using
> the @ notation, things like "@resources/images/img.png" or
> "@../../resources/images/img.png".
> Such paths require no configuration at all - they are resolved against
> the FXML file location.
>> Anyhow, SB might choose not to support classpath search, if it's beyond
>> it's capabilities.
> Yes - that's what I meant: if you use absolute URL or paths relative
> to the FXML file in your FXML, then SB will be able to deal with them.
> If you use a classpath relative path - whether @/ or classpath:,
> then it will depend on whether you've entered/set up the proper
> configuration. In the developer preview - using classpath relatives
> paths will not work - that's one of the preview limitations.
> And (@Daniel) I'm not saying that I don't like the
> classpath: URLs - They have the big advantage of making it clear
> that the file must be looked up using the classpath :-)
> cheers,
> -- daniel
>> -Martin

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