JavaFX runtime redistribution

Josh Marinacci joshua at
Tue Apr 24 19:22:21 PDT 2012

As of recent versions of JavaFX we are allowed to redistribute the runtime.  Does this include repackaging the runtime to be inside our apps (skipping the JavaFX runtime installer)?  Does this include redistributing the runtime to other people who want to redistribute it?  Allow me to explain. 

I'm working on an update to my AppBundler Ant task.  Right now you give it a descriptor file and some directories of jars, then it will produce a Mac .app, a Windows .exe, a JNLP, and a single clickable jar.   

I can manually make it include the magic jars for JavaFX as well. However, the Oracle website only lets you download one JavaFX SDK at a time. You must choose if you want Mac, Windows, or Linux.  So I had to manually download the zips for each platform (rather than the installer versions), uncompress them,  then move the RT jars and native libs for each platform to a place inside my project.

What I would like to do is redistribute a zip where all of that work has been done to create a universal JavaFX runtime suitable for use with AppBundler.  

Alternatively, if the above won't suit Oracle's lawyers, I'd like a place to download a unified RT  from Oracle containing the native libs for all platforms, and then I'll create a script that the dev can use to do the processing.  (Even better would be putting the JavaFX runtime into an Oracle hosted Maven repo!)


Josh Marinacci

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