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Wed Apr 25 13:30:15 PDT 2012

Hi Richard,

I was thinking more like reuse of those APIs - e.g. use them as a source for your inspiration, or maybe even a code reuse so we don't end up with same thing but in different packages. 
I know JavaFX is going to be part of Java 8 and I very much appreciate it :)

For now, I'll dream on, Jiri ;)

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Od: Richard Bair <richard.bair at>
Předmět: Re: The BIG picture
Datum: 25.4.2012 22:04:36
Hi Jiri,

JavaFX will have new APIs -- not Java3D or Java Sound etc. We already ship it
with the JDK and JRE and will get tighter alignment as we go, so you won't have
to have separate downloads.


On Apr 25, 2012, at 9:48 AM, goddard at wrote:

> Hello,
> I've been watching JavaFX almost since its beginning (I didn't know when F3
came out) and I'm still wondering about this:
> Is JavaFX going to use all the Java APIs that are already available and add
new ones, creating new JRE?
> For example, there's this great and powerful 2D Java API, there's also Java 3D
API that has key-frame animation and interpolation classes and great scene
graph, there's this Java Sound API for audio playback and capture etc. The only
thing is that not all these great things are available in current JRE - you have
to add them if you want to use them.
> Now I don't know what's the Oracle's plan to address this - if at all, but I
was secretly hoping that JavaFX wants to address this and reuse all those APIs
and knowledge proven by more than a decade in production. Kind of reuse the
formula for the wheel rather than reinventing it.
> I've decided to bring this up after JavaFX ended to use Java programming
language so the integration might be easier - the resulting JRE will ideally
have flatter APIs and stronger JVM supporting multimedia formats and standards.
> Maybe it's a bold idea because it'd require to break the backwards
compatibility that Java is known for, but I think it would be a healthy step
forward after 17 years :)
> Regards, Jiri
> P. S. Java's going to be 18 soon, is there any b-day party in planning? :)

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