jim kenny jpkz9 at
Thu Apr 26 10:30:51 PDT 2012

Hi :            { Application Junit & Deployment } 

I'm having trouble getting a demo app together. I want to use Netbeans 7.1.1, Java 1.6_31. I am currently using JavaFx 2.03 

I'd like to make junit tests for the sample template using JemmyFX. 

What's the build set to use ? Can someone post this simple example ?  I'm confused on the JemmyFX setup and worried that I've got mis-matching versions ? 
I am also trying to deploy the app as a single jar that does not require the pre-installation of JavaFx.  I'm having problems with the native dll's. 
Before I write something in my app that loads them out of the jar into a directory, is there an easier way ? 

I've been reading articles, but get confused over 1.3 & 2.x. 



P.S.  I need to deploy all, preferably installable on a new box with no net access. 

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