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Would be good to see the prototype. I admit I'm confused on when/where this
Canvas is going to be appropriate and when it won't be. The below example
of drawing lines would have been one I'd not use the Canvas for based on
Joe's earlier general guideline on deciding between Canvas and Node graph
(i.e. it's not 'dynamic', apart from the fact it scrolls and zooms, but
then all the examples Joe indicated Canvas was not appropriate for did this

My evidence for this is that I have seen zooming and panning tiled images done very effectively using 
the scenegraph. Lines and such are a different beast, and Jim does bring up a great point that it costs less to draw stuff with canvas
than creating equivalent nodes. On the examples I gave that excluded canvas, the zooming and panning was one that I would be the least sure about
considering none of our test apps have attempted this yet. A good argument could be made that zooming and panning is in fact very dynamic.


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