Multiple-click events

Jeff Martin jeff at
Fri Apr 27 08:51:17 PDT 2012

It seems a little dangerous to arbitrarily delay all initial mouse clicks. Does Swing do anything like this? I've never run into a problem with processing both single and double clicks, but if it was an issue, isn't there some kind of event peek that could easily be done:

	if(mouseEvent.getClickCount()==1) {
		if(EventDispatcher.peek(MouseEvent.MOUSE_CLICKED!=null) return;
		< … handle single click normally … >

If that isn't there, could that be added instead?


On Apr 27, 2012, at 10:23 AM, kimtopley at wrote:

> Would it be possible to make this configurable, maybe at the Scene level? In some cases, a single click is all that's required and the delay waiting for a second click that means nothing more to the application is unnecessary. 
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> Subject: Multiple-click events
> Hello,
> currently we deliver MOUSE_CLICKED event any time a node was pressed and 
> released by mouse; if the next press happens fast enough and near 
> enough, we increase the clickCount number for the events. There are 
> requests to make a standalone single-click distinguishable from a first 
> click of a double-click (and so on).
> After some discussion we concluded that the cleanest approach would be 
> somewhat backward incompatible - we propose to generate the click event 
> only when we are sure that there is no next click. In other words, the 
> partial clicks would not be delivered at all, the final click would be a 
> bit delayed. The pressed/released events would of course be still 
> delivered normally, with the correct clickCount value.
> Any objections?
> Thanks,
> Pavel

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