Javascript communication and JSObjects

Matthieu BROUILLARD matthieu at
Sat Apr 28 07:12:17 PDT 2012

Hello the community,

I am integrating a webapp (GWT one) into a JavaFX app, this was made quite
easy following the hints given in the documentation [1] or the JavaFX blog

I want now to go a step further and have simplified the following examples
to explain my pains.

Let's say my webapp handles simplified Person objects created in JS
using : {"name"="Matthieu",
I have an interface HelloPerson with a simple method hello().
>From the JS side, after installing my Java implementation from the java
side, I am able to call: window.helloService.hello(aPersonObject);

If I install on the javaside an implementation of the following interfaces:

   - HelloService hello(Object o), then it works I receive a non null
   object that I can cast to JSObject and access the member attributes name &
   - HelloService hello(JSObject o), then the method is called but the
   given parameter is null

What's going wrong there?

Also I would like my API to be cleaner and strongly type. Does someone has
hints/idea how I could plug an interface like HelloService
hello(Person p)where Person would be JAXB annotated for example (or
just following
JavaBean spec).
Are there hooks available on the webengine where I could plug to
intercept/transform the calls?

Thanks for reading.


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