Doubts on CSS-Documentation

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Thu Aug 2 02:21:14 PDT 2012


I've got a bug report in e(fx)clipse [1] where I mark something as an
error because it is speced this way but it looks like e.g.
SceneBuilder-Samples use it differently [2].

My doubt is on the derive function where the spec says:

derive( <color> , <number>% )

The derive function takes a color and computes a brighter or darker
version of that color. The second parameter is the brightness offset,
ranging from -100% to 100%. Positive percentages indicate brighter
colors and negative percentages indicate darker colors. A value of -100%
means completely black, 0% means no change in brightness, and 100% means
completely white.

but the css uses it:

            derive(-master-color, 120%),
            derive(-master-color, 90%)
            center 50% -40%,
            radius 180%,
            derive(-master-color, 95%) 55%,
            derive(-master-color, 75%) 55%

My tests indicate that the percentage can be higher than 100%! So I
guess the documentation has to be updated.


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