calendar picker chaining

Tom Eugelink tbee at
Thu Aug 9 06:17:13 PDT 2012

As part of the JFXtras project I've been experimenting with CalendarPicker chaining. Basically this means you can chain (connect) calendar pickers controls and they will automatically render consecutive months. The attached screenshot shows 3 chained pickers, if any is moved to the next month, then the others will follow suite. Selected dates will "move" also, naturally.

The approach works, but I find it looks not great. Especially the month/year selector above each month is way overkill IMHO. So basically this needs a special skin on top of the calendar picker control.

So this would result in the default (one month) skin and the simultanious use (in the same application) of a multi month skin. The behavior of the control does not change in any way; you still have a single, range or multiple select. Also none of the configuration options of the multimonth skin have a place in the control's API.

How would this be done? I am not supposed use the setSkin method, so does specifying that a certain control on a certain screen uses the multimonth skin belong in the CSS? And the configuration of the skin; how many months, grid layout (2x2, 3x1), also in the CSS? How would I access this information in the skin itself?


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