calendar picker chaining

Tom Eugelink tbee at
Thu Aug 9 12:33:12 PDT 2012

On 2012-08-09 19:28, Werner Lehmann wrote:
>> CalendarPicker chaining. Basically this means you can chain (connect)
>> calendar pickers controls and they will automatically render
>> consecutive months.
> As part of the JFXtras project I've been experimenting with
> this calendar chaining feature sounds like a very specific usecase to
> me, not something to support on the control level. But I am sure you
> have good reason to do this.

Not really. The calender picker shows only one month. Why? Because I decided so. Maybe the developer want to show three months, or a year in a 4x3 grid. The behavior is no different; select a date, select a range, select many dates. So I was thinking about ways to add this feature to the current control; behavior stays the same, but I want to show more days. Chaining was one option.

>> The attached screenshot shows 3 chained pickers,
> I think you forgot to attach the screenshot, or the list has removed it...

Not forgot, the list must have removed it. I put it here.

>> And the configuration of the skin; how many months, grid layout
>> (2x2, 3x1), also in the CSS? How would I access this information in
>> the skin itself?
> Without going into the details of your question, let me just say this:
> it does not seem to be a problem to access a control from within the
> skin class: it is passed to the skin constructor and the skin has to
> provide it via getSkinnable anyway. So, a calendar skin could access the
> calendar control. Styling is another story though.

The problem is that the default skin is set in the control's CSS. But now I have two skins. Should I put all skin stuff in the CSS or use the setSkin? I'd go for CSS from the concept, but then a lot of the layout will go in there as well. Seems out of place.


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