calendar picker chaining

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Thu Aug 9 15:12:43 PDT 2012


On 09.08.2012 21:33, Tom Eugelink wrote:
> Not really. The calender picker shows only one month. Why? Because I
> decided so. Maybe the developer want to show three months, or a year
> in a 4x3 grid. The behavior is no different; select a date, select a
> range, select many dates. So I was thinking about ways to add this
> feature to the current control; behavior stays the same, but I want
> to show more days. Chaining was one option.

the screenshot helped a lot to understand your problem :)  I agree that
multiple month/year controls are redundant.

> The problem is that the default skin is set in the control's CSS. But
> now I have two skins. Should I put all skin stuff in the CSS or use
> the setSkin? I'd go for CSS from the concept, but then a lot of the
> layout will go in there as well. Seems out of place.

my gut tells me that the multi-calendar control would be a separate 
control which also solves the skin problem.

By the way, we are using a custom datepicker similar to your 
single-month calendar and still can select ranges very easily: left 
click = start of range, right click = end of range. Changing months 
between clicks is allowed. Shortcuts are clicks on the month or year 
which do select the full period in one step. Other shortcuts include 
clicks on full weeks and drag selection. This concept really is limited 
only when it comes to open periods which are missing either the start or 
the end. Of course, if you are having enough room to show multiple 
months at once, this will give a better overview.


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