Cannot see JFXPanels on modal JDialog

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Thu Aug 9 16:08:16 PDT 2012


here is a strange problem with a JFXPanel, hopefully somebody has an idea...

I have a JDialog with a JTree and two JFXPanels. Everything works fine 
if the dialog operates modeless. As soon as I make it modal, the fx 
panels are missing. It does not matter which type of modality I use.

Already tried to reproduce it with a test application but that did work. 
Then I tried to add a sleep to give the fx panels some time to 
initialize (which is of course in Platform.runLater). No cigar. Being 
stumped now.

works: new JDialog(someframe, false)
does not work: new JDialog(someframe, true)

Any clues? Thanks in advance...


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