calendar picker chaining

Tom Eugelink tbee at
Thu Aug 9 22:14:30 PDT 2012

On 2012-08-10 00:12, Werner Lehmann wrote:
> my gut tells me that the multi-calendar control would be a separate control which also solves the skin problem.

Maybe, but as you describe below, the actual behavior of the control is no different for one or many months. If that is so, then the only difference is the skin. A great use case on how to use multiple skins for a single control class in the same application. Let's shake the tree.

> By the way, we are using a custom datepicker similar to your single-month calendar and still can select ranges very easily: left click = start of range, right click = end of range. Changing months between clicks is allowed. Shortcuts are clicks on the month or year which do select the full period in one step. Other shortcuts include clicks on full weeks and drag selection. This concept really is limited only when it comes to open periods which are missing either the start or the end. Of course, if you are having enough room to show multiple months at once, this will give a better overview.

Mine works the same. I've got three modes: single (one day), range (one closed range, using click for start and shift-click for end, but this needs to be revised when we are going "touch") and multiple (dates behave like toggles, using shift click range selection is possible). Short cuts are select a whole week or all mondays by clicking on the corresponding label. Month and year short cuts I do not have, would be a great addition, but I figure it will conflict with the plans I have for the pickers itself (the month and year selectors are picker controls). I expect them to have popups for quickly selecting values further away from the current. Interested in collaborating on the control via JFXtras?


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