Scrolled chart still too small

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Fri Aug 10 16:31:20 PDT 2012

Hi Paru,

sure - I could even use fitToWidth or fitToHeight on the scrollpane. But that is beside the point. I'd like the chart big enough to show all data without skipping any categories on the x-axis - but not bigger. Unfortunately I don't know how big that is. Basically it should be a "computed size", depending on the data series. If it does not need all room inside the scrollpane, fine. If it needs more, well that's what the scrollpane is for. Does the chart provide a way to get that size so I could make it the preferred size?

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Hi Werner,

You can set the preferred size on the chart - something like
chart.setPrefSize(width,height) - to match the width&  height of the


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