High performance text component

André Thieme a.thieme at freenet.de
Wed Aug 15 14:08:43 PDT 2012

Am 10.08.2012 18:59, schrieb Felipe Heidrich:
> Sorry for the delay,
> I'm trying to get edit rights to our public wiki but the process is
> taking much longer that I expected.

Hi Felipe, can you estimate an ETA for this?

> StyledText is a rich text editor, and we still don't have a plan
> for adding a control to JFX with similar capabilities. We will add a
> rich text editor eventually, but I doubt the API will be similar.
> Note that StyledText has a pretty extensive API (models, custom
> events, custom key bindings, etc).

I am looking basically for this:
A rectangular area that displays chars, and for each single char one
could potentially chose a unique font, color, size, style (italic, bold,
underlined, overlined, striked through, combinations of all)?

What do you mean by “rich text editor”?
Is it more something like a Wordpad-like component?
With buttons for cut/copy/paste etc.?


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