JavaFX 8.0

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Wed Aug 15 22:10:28 PDT 2012

> The intent is that within the Java 9 timeframe we will have formed a JSR
> and submitted JavaFX as a Java specification. The end result would be that
> JavaFX would form a core part of Java (presumably in its own module by
> then). Of course, we ship with Java 7 now, and will integrate more tightly
> with Java 8 (as shown by the numbering announced today). Integrating more
> tightly with Java 8 will allow us to, for example, make use of lambda's etc.

Cool but my real question is when will JFX be put on the classpath as part
of the install of the JRE - will it be 7, 8 or 9? :)

> -- Jonathan
> On 16/08/2012 3:53 p.m., Daniel Zwolenski wrote:
>> Good move. Keeping track of which version is which is kind of hard a the
>> moment. Marrying it to the JRE version number will help.
>> Will be changing the 2.x versions going forward or just the 3.0 ones? i.e.
>> will jfx 2.2.4 be jfx 7u10?
>> What's with the shipping with 'JavaSE 9', I thought we were shipping now,
>> and hoping to be fully integrated (i.e on the classpath) by Java 8.
>> Wishful
>> thinking?
>> On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 12:35 PM, Richard Bair <richard.bair at>*
>> *wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>> Now that JavaFX 2.2 is out the door, we are creating 2.2.2 repositories
>>> for the minor update due later this year, and the 8.0 repositories we'll
>>> be
>>> using for the release we had been calling 3.0. In essence, we felt that
>>> since we are shipping with JavaSE and plan (pending JCP approval) to
>>> become
>>> part of JavaSE 9, that we needed to get our version numbers in line with
>>> JavaSE. It can be quite confusing to explain to people, for example, that
>>> JavaFX 2.2.2 ships with JavaSE 7u8. Or I could ask, what version of
>>> JavaFX
>>> will ship with JavaSE 7u10? 2.2.4 is probably the right answer, but heck,
>>> even I don't always know.
>>> So instead, we've decided to bump up the version number for the next
>>> major
>>> release in order to align with JavaSE. It makes double sense since we are
>>> aligned on release schedule as well.
>>> Thanks
>>> Richard

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