JavaFX 8.0

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Thu Aug 16 07:00:30 PDT 2012

>> The intent is that within the Java 9 timeframe we will have formed a JSR
>> and submitted JavaFX as a Java specification. The end result would be that
>> JavaFX would form a core part of Java (presumably in its own module by
>> then). Of course, we ship with Java 7 now, and will integrate more tightly
>> with Java 8 (as shown by the numbering announced today). Integrating more
>> tightly with Java 8 will allow us to, for example, make use of lambda's etc.
> Cool but my real question is when will JFX be put on the classpath as part
> of the install of the JRE - will it be 7, 8 or 9? :)

My understanding is 7u8 is the target release for having FX on the classpath, but Igor would know better.

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