sprite sheet vs flip book

David DeHaven david.dehaven at oracle.com
Thu Aug 16 13:27:56 PDT 2012

Oh, and since 7u6 with JavaFX 2.2 is available now you could try Canvas:


> David,
> Thanks for the feedback.  
> Currently, and in the planned test, I do not destroy the Image or ImageView objects being swapped during the animation.  So I suspect that the GC will not be affected but I will keep an eye on it as I do not know if the innards of ObservableList destroys objects during remove.
> jose
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> One other point: In Java you have to consider GC load. If you're using then dumping images repeatedly, the GC load will be higher than using a single image tile bank, which could potentially kill performance. If you're not allowing anything to be collected then that's pretty much a moot point, but it's still a consideration.
> I'd be interested in seeing any results you come up with.
> -DrD-

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