Fatal error when resource cannot be resolved

Greg Brown greg.x.brown at oracle.com
Mon Aug 20 06:07:44 PDT 2012

OK. I personally think an exception is best, but feel free to submit a feature request to add the behavior you describe.

On Aug 20, 2012, at 8:50 AM, Werner Lehmann <lehmann at media-interactive.de> wrote:

> Well, a simple localization typo can cause this. We usually don't have the resources (manpower :-) to test the whole application after localization. I'd rather have the customer see a wrong label text than a complete failure because the fx panel is gone, forcing us to provide an update ASAP.
> Werner
> On 20.08.2012 14:33, Greg Brown wrote:
>> This is a pretty easy exception to resolve. Why not just add the
>> missing key to your resource bundle?

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