Update on the JavaFX 8.0 (formerly 3.0) release in JDK8

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at oracle.com
Mon Aug 20 08:43:17 PDT 2012

No, this is not planned for JDK8 / FX 8. The build will be separate.

-- Kevin

Dr. Michael Paus wrote:
> Having read this I assume that the JavaFX sources will also be fully 
> merged with the OpenJDK sources, so that you will have to build a full 
> JDK (which does not seem to be such a trivial thing on Windows for 
> example and would also not be identical to the official beta build) 
> just in order to be able to try out a little bug fix or a new feature 
> in JavaFX or would it be possible to build the JavaFX portion alone 
> against the latest official JDK 8 beta?
> Am 20.08.2012 16:04, schrieb Kevin Rushforth:
>> Dr. Michael Paus wrote:
>>> Am 20.08.2012 15:25, schrieb Kevin Rushforth:
>>>> Second, weekly early access builds of JavaFX 8.0 will be available 
>>>> shortly as part of the weekly JDK 8 builds. We hope this will 
>>>> happen starting later this week.
>>> Does this mean that, in the future, we have to download and install 
>>> a complete new JDK every week instead
>>> of just downloading and unzipping a small JavaFX archive?
>> Yes, this is what it means.
>>> Does this also mean that there is no way to run a JavaFX 3.0 (aka 
>>> 8.0) application on top of a
>>> standard JRE 7?
>> Correct. This has been discussed before, but bears repeating: 
>> Starting with JDK 8 / FX 8.0, JavaFX is only available and supported 
>> as part of the JDK. We will not support "mix and match" FX with an 
>> arbitrary JDK. Note that this is already the case for Mac and Linux 
>> builds. With FX 8 it will also be the case for Windows builds.
>> Having said that, I expect that the FX 8 libraries will continue to 
>> run on JDK7 for a while, in some fashion, but this isn't something 
>> that you can rely upon, and certainly not something you can deploy. 
>> At some point during the development cycle it will probably stop 
>> working at all (e.g., when we start using Lambdas or rely on any 
>> other JDK8 feature).
>> -- Kevin

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