OpenJFX 8 repos are now available

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Sat Aug 25 13:47:15 PDT 2012

The JavaFX 8 repos have been created on openjdk. The FX 8 release has 
separate controls and graphics team forests on openjfx, along with a 
master forest, matching the structure in the previous 2.2 release:

Controls and graphics forests are for those folks who want to live on 
the bleeding edge, while master will be the stable source base.

As with the previous release, the javafx/8/master forest will be updated 
once per week as we push out a new weekly build of JDK8/FX8, which will 
keep it in sync. You will need the jfxrt.jar from the weekly build of 
JDK8 in order to build openjfx.

Note that early access builds of FX 8 are not yet integrated into a 
weekly JDK8 early access builds. It was on track for last week, but got 
derailed to due a build issue. Barring any new unforeseen problems, next 
week's JDK8 b54 build will include FX 8. Weekly JDK builds are available at:

-- Kevin

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