API REVIEW REQUEST: Public API for Backgrounds and Borders on Region

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at bestsolution.at
Sun Aug 26 23:07:56 PDT 2012

Am 26.08.12 23:12, schrieb Jonathan Giles:
> Rich,
> The API looks fine. I only have small comments about minor issues:
>  * I agree with John - it is worth reviewing the hashCode code. I'm not
>    sure it is worth pre-computing everything given the cost of that,
>    but there is a risk that you'll (very infrequently) end up with a
>    hashCode for an object actually being zero, and in this case you'll
>    always be running the slow path through hashCode(). Perhaps you can
>    simply introduce a boolean to note whether hashCode has been computed.
>  * In BorderRadii, I'm not overly familiar with the terminology of some
>    of the methods in this class. For example,
>    getTopLeftVerticalRadius(). I wonder if the JavaDoc can be more
>    useful than "The length of the vertical radii of the top-left
>    corner."? Of course, I could just become more well-versed in the CSS
>    specifications :-)
>  * In BorderRadii, I understand that the radii can be interpreted as
>    either a value or a percentage, but I'm not fond of the method name
>    you use to expose this, e.g. isTopLeftVerticalRadiusAsPercentage().
>    It is the 'As' that bothers me - I would have rather had an 'A', but
>    I can see why you chose to use 'As' - so that we don't end up with
>    isTopLeftVerticalRadiusAPercentage() (which is actually less
>    readable, even if it is better English). Personally, I would still
>    use 'A' rather than 'As', but I'm not going to pursue it any further
>    as it is a gut feel choice (and you've used 'As' throughout the
>    Region API).

Why not name if getTopLeftVerticalRadiusType() and return there an enum?
I guess there are more values who can have an absolute and percentage
value so they'd all use the same enum.


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