CSS-Documentation for IDE-Usage

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at bestsolution.at
Mon Aug 27 09:39:50 PDT 2012

Just a short update on this. We've moved forward with this and have now
a working description language for CSS-Attributes and their values
including documentation.


Please note the parser, AST, ... is useable outside Eclipse we simply
load the file in our editor and make use of it in the UI. Other IDEs and
e.g. SceneBuilder could maybe also make use of it.


Am 19.06.12 10:38, schrieb Tom Schindl:
> Hi,
> Is there some structured text document one can use to teach IDEs hover
> documentation of CSS-Attribute, or do I need to extract those
> information from the published HTML-CSS-Documentation?
> My hope is that this document is generated from some more structured
> resource I can use in my Eclipse integration. If there's no such
> document, I'd like to contribute in creating such a meta-format and
> generate the HTML-Document from it. Any netbeans people here who'd like
> to work with me on this?
> Tom

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