custom controls in SceneBuilder

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Thu Aug 30 16:29:57 PDT 2012

Hi Tom,

Daniel Fuchs has explained how to do this on this list, see "Scene 
Builder and<fx:root>". I am forwarding a copy directly to you.

Part of this is to provide the custom control classpath to SceneBuilder 
(optional step). I wonder how this could be achieved best when opening 
the FXML from Eclipse, and the classpath would consist of directories in 
the Eclipse workspace, depending on the Eclipse project dependencies... 
I can imagine this would also be important for CSS and resource bundle 


On 30.08.2012 22:33, Tom Eugelink wrote:
> After the forthcoming nights sleep I'm planning on integrating
> JFXtras' CalendarPicker in SceneBuilder. Anyone care to give me a URL
> with some starter tips? I have not even installed SceneBuilder (not a
> UI designer fanboy), so tomorrow will be interesting.
> Tom

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