custom controls in SceneBuilder

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Thu Aug 30 23:05:25 PDT 2012

Am 31.08.12 01:29, schrieb Werner Lehmann:
> Hi Tom,
> Daniel Fuchs has explained how to do this on this list, see "Scene
> Builder and<fx:root>". I am forwarding a copy directly to you.
> Part of this is to provide the custom control classpath to SceneBuilder
> (optional step). I wonder how this could be achieved best when opening
> the FXML from Eclipse, and the classpath would consist of directories in
> the Eclipse workspace, depending on the Eclipse project dependencies...
> I can imagine this would also be important for CSS and resource bundle
> resources.

CSS and resource are not that a problem because they are paths relative
to the FXML-File. e(fx)clipse preview does analyze the classpath of the
project already (to construct an URLClassloader when showing a preview
of the FXML) so if SceneBuilder would provide it an API (probably
through commandline arguments) e(fx)clipse could pass it on.


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