custom controls in SceneBuilder

Daniel Fuchs daniel.fuchs at
Fri Aug 31 01:03:07 PDT 2012

Hi Tom,

In SceneBuilder 1.0 it is not yet possible to add custom controls to
SceneBuilder's library panel. It is however possible to load an
FXML that contain custom controls. This is described in SceneBuilder's
User's Guide - see section on custom type elements there:


Note that for being able to load an FXML containing a custom element
in SceneBuilder, that custom element must be "well behaved".

1. It must not require a special Builder Factory.
2. It must have a public empty constructor.
3. If it uses an FXMLLoader to load some nested FXML file, then that
    FXMLLoader must be configured to use the ClassLoader from which
    the custom component was loaded

     for the gory details behind this last requirement)

Don't hesitate to ping me directly for help/questions on this.
I was planning to have a look at CalendarPicker sometime soon :-)

Best regards,

-- daniel

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> After the forthcoming nights sleep I'm planning on integrating JFXtras' CalendarPicker in SceneBuilder. Anyone care to give me a URL with some starter tips? I have not even installed SceneBuilder (not a UI designer fanboy), so tomorrow will be interesting.
> Tom

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