Porting JavaFX

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Mon Dec 3 11:11:38 PST 2012

On 12/3/12 10:57 AM, Richard Bair wrote:
>   For iOS, starting from the OpenJDK Mac code base might be a good start. You don't have to worry about Swing / AWT since the basis we would use to target these devices is JavaSE Embedded, not JavaSE itself, and I do not believe that Swing/AWT are required for SE Embedded. But if you are really adventurous, there is no reason (that I know of) that you couldn't get all of JavaSE working since the Mac OS port of SE uses a lightweight AWT (AWT components are emulated using Swing -- let that swirl in your noodle for a while ;-)).

SE uses a number of APIs that Apple provided on OS X specifically for 
OpenJDK as
the JavaRuntimeSupport framework and those won't exist on iOS, so it 
won't be
quite that easy to do a full SE port.


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