[REVIEW REQUEST] RT-24088 Add API to JavaFX to allow vetoing the closing of a Tab in a TabPane

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at bestsolution.at
Wed Dec 5 16:57:06 PST 2012


On behalf of Jonathan Giles and myself I'd like to request the review
for a new api we'd like to add to javafx.scene.control.Tab.

The API we propose is to allow developers to veto the closing of a Tab
we'd like you to comment also on our naming pattern the new API we
propose is:

+ ObjectProperty<Callback<Tab, Boolean>> onClosingVetoHandlerProperty()
+ Callback<Tab, Boolean> getOnClosingVetoHandler()
+ void setOnClosingVetoHandler(Callback<Tab, Boolean> callback)

Usage of the API would look like this:

Tab tab1 = new Tab("Hello");
tab1.setOnClosingVetoHandler(new Callback<Tab, Boolean>() {

  public Boolean call(Tab param) {
    // Veto the closing
    return Boolean.TRUE;


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