JavaFX performance for complex visualisations

Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Thu Dec 6 14:20:46 PST 2012


*I'm sorry if this will sound overly critical, I'm just honestly trying to
help. Kuddos for taking the initiative!*

I don't think IMHO something as simple as tower defender will prove any
point. Wasn't "dueling dudes" already showing whatever is meant to be shown
with this?

I think if you're into doing games than you should go with something 3D, it
won't require that much of engineering to do something 3D that could make
people impressed. Javafx 8 brings bump mapping, a lightning system, etc,
all stuff that could wonder the user with not much of an effort.

Also I guess the goal of this project should be clearly stated, I'm sorry
if I missed it but from what I've read things seem to be a little vague, I
heard porting the game to ios and android I also heard doing something like
club penguin, a chrome experiments clone... Perhaps the goals should be
clearly stated, what is it that you're trying to prove/accomplish with

Thank you for your time,

Pedro Duque Vieira

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