What is the priority of the JavaFX thread?

steve.x.northover at oracle.com steve.x.northover at oracle.com
Thu Dec 6 14:26:31 PST 2012

At some point a while back, I played around with making operating system 
calls to boost thread priority.  It did nothing to improve rendering, 
however, it could be sensitive to the example code.  What platform are 
you on?


On 06/12/2012 5:06 PM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> I doubt this is related to thread priorities, but it would be worth 
> verifying. More likely it's the interaction of thread scheduling, 
> timers, and vsync.
> -- Kevin
> Richard Bair wrote:
>> I don't *think* we set any thread priorities. I have tried different 
>> thread priorities in apps in the past (such as lowering the priority 
>> of background threads) and it didn't make a difference. I should look 
>> at the concurrent APIs in javaFX and see if they still set the thread 
>> priority…in fact it does. But I haven't noticed any app behavior that 
>> changed by doing so. But I haven't tried to set the thread priority 
>> from anywhere but within Java, and I'm on a mac, so maybe it works 
>> differently (although I am pretty certain I've talked to VM engineers 
>> who have said thread priorities are ignored on HotSpot).
>> Richard
>> On Dec 6, 2012, at 12:41 PM, Randahl Fink Isaksen 
>> <randahl at wefend.com> wrote:
>>> Does JavaFX intentionally set a priority for the JavaFX thread? I 
>>> would very much like to hear what the decision behind setting or not 
>>> setting such a priority is.
>>> The reason I am asking is, on my development Mac, it seems the 
>>> JavaFX thread is easily starved by other CPU load, and I was 
>>> thinking if the developers of JavaFX did or did not expect 
>>> application developers to manage JavaFX thread priority.
>>> Thanks
>>> Randahl

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