Survey: JavaFX on tablets and mobile devices

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> Jonathan,
> For me and for countless others getting JavaFX support for mobiles and
> tablets is way ahead of any other issue facing this technology.  What's the
> point of investing all this time and effort into something that only runs on
> a platform which is in steep decline (i.e. the desktop)?  I know I am
> stating the obvious but JavaFX will fizzle out into a niche product if it
> doesn't support these modern platforms (and *soon*).
> OK, so it seems you already get this but yes, I do wonder why we need to
> "tell you" again in this form :-)
> Whatever the reason, could you or someone else from Oracle please clearly
> outline exactly what it is going to take to get JavaFX onto these mobile and
> tablets:
> 1. How much will Oracle do?
> 2. How much is dependent on the community?
> 3. Who is going to coordinate the whole process?
> 4. When will it commence?
> 5. When will we be able to sell our iOS apps written in JavaFX?
> 6. Are there any issues (technical, political etc.) that are currently
> insurmountable?
> 7. Will iOS/Android/WP8 apps be indistinguishable from native apps (i.e.
> look and feel, performance)?
> 8. Has Oracle management committed to providing the funds to see this
> project through to the end?
> I am sure I am not the only one who would love to see definitive answers to
> these questions!
> -jct
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> Hi all,
> If you're the least bit interested in JavaFX on mobile devices (and it seems
> a few of you are), I'd really appreciate you making your voice heard over at
> FX Experience:
> I know that the cynical among you will question why this is necessary, that
> your voices should have already been heard, and that it is 'too little, too
> late'. Please indulge me this one last time - I'd really appreciate it - and
> I promise that your feedback will be heard by all the right people.
> Thanks,
> -- Jonathan

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