Survey: JavaFX on tablets and mobile devices

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Yes, it is patently clear that the people who actually do the development
work for JavaFX are well aware of the need for it to run on mobiles and
tablets for the technology to be a success.  All of the people you mentioned
are very passionate about what they do and that is very pleasing to see.


We are definitely all on the same side!  I guess I am just surprised that
the people who make the funding decisions can't see what's going on and need
surveys to form their opinion.


But as you say, if that's all it's going to take then I'll do the survey 100
times.  Probably like many other people, I am willing to do whatever it




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I think Jonathan, Richard, Jasper and most/all Oracle developers on this
mailinglist agree that JavaFX support for mobile/tablets is crucial.

However, some people that make strategic decisions inside Oracle are
probably not on this list and they don't hear our concerns.
Our developer-concerns need to be turned into something that shows them
there is added value in the market, business goals, increased adoption,
Strategic decisions will not (only) be based on what we discuss on this
mailinglist, but rather on some concrete requests/use-cases Jonathan and
others can show.

So if filling in a form (with information I already provided a number of
times, I agree that is boring) is what it takes to get official support for
JavaFX on mobile/tablet, I'm more than happy to spend 10 minutes on it.

We're all on the same side here, I believe.

- Johan

2012/12/7 John C. Turnbull <ozemale at>


For me and for countless others getting JavaFX support for mobiles and
tablets is way ahead of any other issue facing this technology.  What's the
point of investing all this time and effort into something that only runs on
a platform which is in steep decline (i.e. the desktop)?  I know I am
stating the obvious but JavaFX will fizzle out into a niche product if it
doesn't support these modern platforms (and *soon*).

OK, so it seems you already get this but yes, I do wonder why we need to
"tell you" again in this form :-)

Whatever the reason, could you or someone else from Oracle please clearly
outline exactly what it is going to take to get JavaFX onto these mobile and

1. How much will Oracle do?
2. How much is dependent on the community?
3. Who is going to coordinate the whole process?
4. When will it commence?
5. When will we be able to sell our iOS apps written in JavaFX?
6. Are there any issues (technical, political etc.) that are currently
7. Will iOS/Android/WP8 apps be indistinguishable from native apps (i.e.
look and feel, performance)?
8. Has Oracle management committed to providing the funds to see this
project through to the end?

I am sure I am not the only one who would love to see definitive answers to
these questions!


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Hi all,

If you're the least bit interested in JavaFX on mobile devices (and it seems
a few of you are), I'd really appreciate you making your voice heard over at
FX Experience:

I know that the cynical among you will question why this is necessary, that
your voices should have already been heard, and that it is 'too little, too
late'. Please indulge me this one last time - I'd really appreciate it - and
I promise that your feedback will be heard by all the right people.

-- Jonathan


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