Need help choosing a class name for CSS public API

David Grieve david.grieve at
Mon Dec 10 10:18:28 PST 2012

In the CSS public API proposal (, I have a class name that is rather cumbersome and I'm trying to find another name. The class name in the proposal is StyleablePropertyMetaData and, to some extent, that is what the class is since this is where the node's property and the css property come together. The meta-data for Node's opacityProperty is shown below. As you can see, there is some information about the css property name (-fx-opacity), the type of value (a <size>) and the initial property value. There are also two methods that are used by CSS so that CSS can set the property value. 

So, I'm looking for a name for this thing thinking that there must be something better than StyleablePropertyMetaData. I was thinking StyleAgent since this class takes an active role in interacting with the node property. But "agent" has the connotation of something running in the background.  Maybe StyleLiaison? 

        private static final StyleablePropertyMetaData <Node,Number> OPACITY =
            new StyleablePropertyMetaData <Node,Number>("-fx-opacity", 
                SizeConverter.getInstance(), 1.0) {

                public boolean isSettable(Node node) {
                    return node.opacity == null || !node.opacity.isBound();

                public WritableValue<Number> getWritableValue(Node node) {
                    return node.opacityProperty();

Does anyone have a suggestion?

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