[REVIEW REQUEST] RT-24088 Add API to JavaFX to allow vetoing the closing of a Tab in a TabPane

Richard Bair richard.bair at oracle.com
Fri Dec 14 08:08:49 PST 2012

>> Richard and I were just chatting about this patch, and the general feeling is that it feels weird to consume an event and make that indicate the event has been vetoed (despite that being how it is already done in the Window case). 
> In the case of Window the WINDOW_CLOSE_REQUEST indicates that user wants to close the corresponding Window. As with any other event, the application can install its own handler to this event and respond to this request in its own way. If it does so, it should indicate that the event has been handled by "consuming" the corresponding event (as should be done with any other user handled event). If the event is not handled by the application code, the default handler simply closes the corresponding window. This API was approved by Richard and I am surprised he finds it weird now.

Ya, people are always pointing me at change sets I did that I don't remember making. Old age is setting in I'm afraid (and at such a young age too, I'm hosed) :-)

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