Artem Ananiev artem.ananiev at oracle.com
Mon Dec 17 02:55:03 PST 2012

On 12/14/2012 8:19 PM, Werner Lehmann wrote:
> Scott,
> JFXPanel has quite a few issues (look for JFXPanel or Swing in Jira).
> Among those is the filechooser problem. It is probably just one instance
> of the problem that a JavaFX stage cannot be modal or on top of Swing
> windows.

Yes, z-order and modality problems with Swing and FX top-level windows 
is a known issue. Unfortunately, I don't know a good way to fix it: 
AWT/Swing doesn't expose enough information to use its windows as owner 
windows for other UI toolkits.



> To work around this we have to put JFXPanels in JDialogs. Not really
> sexy: apart from the overhead in code we know today that we have to
> touch this again one day to convert the JDialog to a stage.
> Regarding your problem of how to get from a node to the JFXPanel: no
> idea why you would want to do this. I have a dozen jfxpanels but never
> needed such a thing. I guess you could extend JFXPanel and add a
> reference to the fxpanel to some userdata on a node, or something like
> that.
> Rgds
> Werner
> On 14.12.2012 16:39, Scott Palmer wrote:
>> I'm trying to migrate more of my app from Swing to JavaFX piece-wise
>> via JFXPanels.  It's not fun as there are many rough edges.  In order
>> to work around some of them I am wondering if it is possible to get a
>> reference to the JFXPanel if all I have is a Node? I can get the
>> Scene's Window, an "Embedded" Window that seems to be the root of a
>> lot of problems with popups and dialogs.  That seems to be enough to
>> determine that the Node is hosted by a JFXPanel, but can I actually
>> get the JFXPanel instance?
>> If there is a way via public APIs that don't rely on me peaking at
>> implementation details like com.sun.javafx.stage.EmbeddedWindow?
>> Along this line… why is it that things like the FileChooser and other
>> JavaFX dialogs don't respect the window ordering when used from a
>> JFXPanel? They easily flip behind the parent JFrame.  I would have
>> thought that the correct Window hierarchy in native land could still
>> include the native window of the JFrame and that should prevent such
>> things.
>> Scott

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