JavaFX Ensemble Issue

Florian Brunner fbrunnerlist at
Thu Dec 20 03:55:07 PST 2012


When I try to start JavaFX Ensemble from:

it tells me to install Java.

The following link shows that I've installed Java (Version 7 Update 10) correctly, however:

Also note that the "Embedding JavaFX 2 in Swing" on the same page runs fine.

Java: 1.7.0_10; Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 23.6-b04 
OS: Kubuntu 12.10, Linux version 3.5.0-19-generic running on amd64; UTF-8; de_CH (nb) 

Does anyone else have the same issue?

Is this there an issue with JavaFX Ensemble or with my Java installation?


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