FXML Best Practices

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On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 11:14 AM, John Smith <John_Smith at symantec.com>wrote:

> That's really cool Tom.
> Tool support to validate that ids in code match the ids in markup is
> valuable and time saving, catching errors at coding time rather than
> runtime.   I used a Wicket plugin for Idea which did a similar thing and it
> was very useful indeed.  Other neat things you have are css hover tooltips
> - I'd love to count the number of times I've looked up the css guide online
> because there was no inline documentation lookup support available from my
> editor.
> As a side note, when will Intellij realize that JavaFX is worth developing
> tool support for?  If you want it, you can state your case here as Intellij
> are requesting => http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-75173 "JavaFX
> 2 support".  I know Daniel would like to hand-code fxml, but I'd never do
> it without great editor and IDE support, and I just don't want to switch to
> Eclipse at this stage . . . though that may change ;-)

IDE support is something I'd love too. "by hand", I mean not drawing it
with a UI Builder and filling in a form to set attributes - I'm a coder, I
like code (I know plenty of others like the SB idea and I certainly
wouldn't begrudge them that - it takes all sorts). I also like code
completion and code syntax highlighting.

I actually raised this with IntelliJ back in Oct 2011:

It's a positive sign for the platform they are starting to take this
seriously now. Good to see.

See my last comment on Eclipse getting entrenched ;)  Every year I make at
least one attempt to switch over to Eclipse and every year I end up back
using IntelliJ, like an addict.

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> > Also tools (e.g. IntelliJ) could be made to understand and help with
> > the second style (e.g. highlight in red parameters that are the wrong
> > type or don't exist in either the Contorl or FXML but not the other,
> > ALT+ENTER on an fx:id to create the corresponding field in the
> > controller, etc) but
> There are already tools who do this :-) Since the last release e(fx)clipse
> does exactly what you are asking for. See
> http://tomsondev.bestsolution.at/2012/09/27/efxclipse-0-1-1-released/
> and look into the FXGraph/FXML section.
> > could never really be made to work with the first approach.
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