FXML Best Practices

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at bestsolution.at
Fri Dec 21 04:41:23 PST 2012

I offered our CSS-Technologie to other IDE developers (Netbeans) but it
looks like they are not interested in our stuff.

There's no need to run with Eclipse or even OSGi to use our
CSS-Meta-Language which is the source for CSS-tooltips, ... .

We have 2 things:
a) a CSS-Lexer/Parser providing us an in-memory representation of the
b) a Meta-Language providing informations about the available
   attributes, ... - for this language we have an interpreter which we
   feed our CSS-Representation to and get back proposals & validation

   As an experiment I also transformed our meta information into an
   HTML-File. See http://www.efxclipse.org/jfx2.html

Once you have the informations in a machine readable format the
possibilities are endless - if I only had the time to implement all of them.

For the FXML stuff this is not possible because it is very tightly bound
to Eclipse editors.


Am 21.12.12 01:29, schrieb Daniel Zwolenski:
> On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 11:14 AM, John Smith <John_Smith at symantec.com
> <mailto:John_Smith at symantec.com>> wrote:
>     That's really cool Tom.
>     Tool support to validate that ids in code match the ids in markup is
>     valuable and time saving, catching errors at coding time rather than
>     runtime.   I used a Wicket plugin for Idea which did a similar thing
>     and it was very useful indeed.  Other neat things you have are css
>     hover tooltips - I'd love to count the number of times I've looked
>     up the css guide online because there was no inline documentation
>     lookup support available from my editor.
>     As a side note, when will Intellij realize that JavaFX is worth
>     developing tool support for?  If you want it, you can state your
>     case here as Intellij are requesting =>
>     http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-75173 "JavaFX 2 support".
>      I know Daniel would like to hand-code fxml, but I'd never do it
>     without great editor and IDE support, and I just don't want to
>     switch to Eclipse at this stage . . . though that may change ;-)
> IDE support is something I'd love too. "by hand", I mean not drawing it
> with a UI Builder and filling in a form to set attributes - I'm a coder,
> I like code (I know plenty of others like the SB idea and I certainly
> wouldn't begrudge them that - it takes all sorts). I also like code
> completion and code syntax highlighting. 
> I actually raised this with IntelliJ back in Oct
> 2011: http://devnet.jetbrains.net/message/5321566#5321566
> It's a positive sign for the platform they are starting to take this
> seriously now. Good to see.  
> See my last comment on Eclipse getting entrenched ;)  Every year I make
> at least one attempt to switch over to Eclipse and every year I end up
> back using IntelliJ, like an addict. 
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>     > Also tools (e.g. IntelliJ) could be made to understand and help with
>     > the second style (e.g. highlight in red parameters that are the wrong
>     > type or don't exist in either the Contorl or FXML but not the other,
>     > ALT+ENTER on an fx:id to create the corresponding field in the
>     > controller, etc) but
>     There are already tools who do this :-) Since the last release
>     e(fx)clipse does exactly what you are asking for. See
>     http://tomsondev.bestsolution.at/2012/09/27/efxclipse-0-1-1-released/
>     and look into the FXGraph/FXML section.
>     > could never really be made to work with the first approach.
>     Tom
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