Native Packaging WIX

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Fri Dec 21 14:26:42 PST 2012

Wix is ready - sorted the licensing and the technical. It's actually sitting in a staged repo in Sonatype and all I have to do is push the go button. I was just about to when another guy contacted me and said he wanted to use it too but wanted to split it into smaller bundles. Good idea but more work. 

Now that the packaging code is open sourced I might just push the big wix bundle through and split it all up as a later task. Will send the other guy an email to see if he's good with that. 

I've got code ready on the maven plugin side to download and extract wix (I extract it into the m2 directory where the artifact has been downloaded, but I'll make this configurable). The only missing piece is the changes to the jfx build tool and the only thing holding that up is working out how to build it :)

I'm currently getting a build error that looks like something to do with Visual Studio not finding libraries used by the winlauncher.exe. Does anyone know what version/edition of VStudio I'm suppose to have installed to build this (or any other tips to get this working)?

On 22/12/2012, at 8:02 AM, "Will Hoover" <java.whoover at> wrote:

> Thanks for the reference to the Jira issue. I couldn't have imagined how the
> lack of this feature could be such a pain for Maven users. I was unable to
> set the PATH environment variable within the POM because it needs to be set
> before Maven executes. I couldn't even use the maven-antrun-plugin because
> Maven uses the POM's directory for the ${user.dir} (and I certainly didn't
> want to convolute the project directory with the WIX binaries). So, what I
> ended up doing is using a hack via the maven-failsafe-plugin by setting the
> workingDirectory to a directory under the target where the WIX binaries are
> copied to (from maven-dependency-plugin unpack) as well as the JavaFX build
> (Maven filtered). The test class spawns off an Ant execution
> programmatically using the build file using the maven.plugin.classpath to
> access the ant-javafx.jar from the maven-failsafe-plugin dependencies. It
> works only because the ${user.dir} (aka workingDirectory) points to the same
> directory where the build and WIX binaries are copied to by Maven. Thus, the
> JavaFx bundler is able to recognize the "candle"/"light" commands when it
> executes the ProcessBuilder without setting the PATH environment variable.
> It's an ugly hack, but it works!
> It would definitely be nice to have the WIX binaries in the central Maven
> repo! How's that progressing (license wise)?
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> Ive got a jira raised for this:
> It should be easy. Now that the packaging code is open sourced I should be
> able to make this change myself. Just got to get the build working. 
> I'm also working on getting the wix executables into the central maven repo
> and the intent is to make my maven plugin auto download and setup wix (it
> doesn't need to be "installed", just unzipped). Using Ant+ivy it should be
> possible to achieve the same.
> On 22/12/2012, at 6:45 AM, "Will Hoover" <java.whoover at> wrote:
>> AFIK, in order to use JavaFX packaging with WIX you have to first add 
>> the path to the WIX binaries to the PATH environment variable (or have 
>> the binaries in the user.dir for which the ant build is being ran). I 
>> don't suppose we could get an additional attribute added to fx:deploy 
>> so we can do
>> this:
>> <fx:deploy basedir="/path/to/wix"/>
>> Similar to how version 8 will have:
>> <fx:platform basedir="/path/to/jdk"/>

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