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Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Wed Dec 26 13:57:23 PST 2012

I'm asking this (below) because while doing a metro version of javafx
controls in my project JMetro, I wonder how things like the app toolbar
will be implemented, if the javafx team is already doing it and if not how
should I go about doing it..

On Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 9:23 PM, Pedro Duque Vieira <
pedro.duquevieira at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Are you going to support Metro apps? That is, with all that implies:
>    1. Different type of interface
>       1. full window
>       2. app toolbar
>       3. charms toolbar
>       4. tile API: show images on start screen inside tile,
>       notifications, etc
>       5. metro animations
>       6. etc
>    2. If so (answer to 1 is yes), than how are you going to implement
>    that? Will you code javafx versions of things like the app toolbar or are
>    you going to rely on system calls to make this stuff show up? (don't know
>    if the later option exists or is possible)
> Thanks, best regards,
> --
> Pedro Duque Vieira

Pedro Duque Vieira

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