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Wed Dec 26 17:05:32 PST 2012

> To do an app that has a "metro-style" UI could well just be a case of
> skinning things differently and adding some new controls but this would
> really only work on normal Windows (I think Windows 8 will run Java but
> in compatibility mode). To actually run a "metro-style" app on Windows RT
> (MS's new OS for ultra-portable computers) I think requires a port of the
> JDK and JFX to that platform.

Not just run on Windows RT but also on Windows 8.

If compatibility mode is the only viable option for now we could still
emulate the metro style on that mode, although I haven't thought whether
that would be of value.

 There are a bunch of technical challenges with such a port I believe (e.g.
> RT is heavily sand-boxed from the looks of it).

I'm not sure but I think RT only allows for AOT like ios devices. So this
falls under the "run javafx on tablets and mobiles" issue which Oracle
doesn't want to disclose any more info about.
But we also still have windows 8.

One other question I have is whether it is possible to sell java apps on
the windows store.

So, in conclusion:

   1. Will java apps ever run through the Start screen of windows 8 /
   windows RT (we probably won't get any answer for now on this..)
   2. For now we can run Java on Windows 8 Desktop. Is emulating a metro
   style app, on that mode, a good idea?
      1. If it is a good idea how would we go about doing it? Are there any
      system calls we can make to bring up things like the app toolbar or do we
      hand code that? What about the platforms standard animations and other
   3. Is it now possible to sell javafx apps on the windows store? If not,
   will it be possible on the future?

Thanks, Cheers,

On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 12:00 AM, Daniel Zwolenski <zonski at> wrote:

> This was also asked somewhat in that massive 'mobile' thread on the OTN
> forum:
> No response but perhaps it got lost in all the noise on that thread.
> jsmith gives some good info on the difference between Windows Metro,
> Windows 8 and Windows RT. It's worth getting clear on the terminology since
> it's all very messy thanks to some MS branding issues.
> It would be great if someone from Oracle could clarify all this, but given
> the xmas break I think things are a little quiet at the moment.
> On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 8:57 AM, Pedro Duque Vieira <
> pedro.duquevieira at> wrote:
>> I'm asking this (below) because while doing a metro version of javafx
>> controls in my project JMetro, I wonder how things like the app toolbar
>> will be implemented, if the javafx team is already doing it and if not how
>> should I go about doing it..
>> On Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 9:23 PM, Pedro Duque Vieira <
>> pedro.duquevieira at> wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > Are you going to support Metro apps? That is, with all that implies:
>> >
>> >    1. Different type of interface
>> >       1. full window
>> >       2. app toolbar
>> >       3. charms toolbar
>> >       4. tile API: show images on start screen inside tile,
>> >       notifications, etc
>> >       5. metro animations
>> >       6. etc
>> >    2. If so (answer to 1 is yes), than how are you going to implement
>> >    that? Will you code javafx versions of things like the app toolbar
>> or are
>> >    you going to rely on system calls to make this stuff show up? (don't
>> know
>> >    if the later option exists or is possible)
>> >
>> > Thanks, best regards,
>> >
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>> > Pedro Duque Vieira
>> >
>> --
>> Pedro Duque Vieira

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