javafxpackager and launcher wrappers now in OpenJFX 8

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Thu Dec 27 14:28:38 PST 2012

Thanks Artem.

Looks like Scott had made some changes around the properties file on the
21st of December that I hadn't pulled down yet so your link helped me
realise that. I still had to add in the version properties like you said
though so I think they've just been missed.

Now when I build I get a VStudio popup telling me the VCExpress.exe command
is being used incorrectly. The ANT log says this:
*     [echo] STARTING: c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio
10.0\Common7\IDE\VCExpress.exe native/windows*
*     [echo] c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio
10.0\Common7\IDE\VCExpress.exe /build Release|x64 IconSwap.vcxproj*

It looks like the pipe (|) and the architecture switch (x64) are causing it
to bomb out? I edited the build script (packager/build.xml line 213) and
took out this extra architecture bit and it seems to get all the way
through to a "build successful"!

I can start having a poke around at the artifacts now, which is great, but
I wouldn't want to deploy anything until I get the properties and
architecture issues sorted, just in case these actually have any functional


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> jfx.release.major.version

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