Charts: Was The Next Great Thing: An Application Framework

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Fri Feb 10 10:39:18 PST 2012

> - Charts: seems like an add-on that will become something of a hassle for the JFX team to maintain, grow, support at the rate it will need, as well as adding complexity for mobile platforms (should a pie chart look the same on a mobile app with touch screen, no mouse over, etc). 

Different topic, but I thought this comment was interesting. Why are charts any different than controls? We see them as the same thing really. Charts are extensible -- folks can add new charts, or use the built in ones, exactly like controls. Both are intended to be drop-in use for applications. Charts are actually much more powerful than we've gotten credit for so far (I suspect this is because nobody has dug into them deeply and we've not documented a lot of the capabilities on fxexperience or yet).


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